We’ve all lived it.

Made great nutrition decisions all week –

Cooked at home.

Brought lunches to work.

Ate fruits and veggies.

Limited Alcohol and soda.


The weekend comes around and you’re running from kids birthday parties to family get togethers.

You weigh in on Monday and you’re…. exactly where you were last week. Or a lb up.


This happens all the time – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

But it is something to be aware of.

See, if we want to make progress losing weight, gaining muscle, getting fitter and healthier, we cannot take 1 step forward during the week just to take 1 or 2 steps back at the weekend.


Here are 3 tips that will help you PROTECT the gains you’ve worked so hard for.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

The weekends aren’t the problem. It’s the social events. The problem with social events is that we give up control of what foods will be available, when we get to eat, how hungry we will be. And not only that, we are being watched!

The first step in surviving social events is planning ahead.

Schedule 15 minutes every Sunday afternoon/evening to look at your week ahead. What work events do you have? What kids events do you have? Make a mental note so that you’re not surprised the day before.

And one Sunday a month look at your calendar for the whole month ahead. What family events, holidays, school events do you have coming up?

Simply knowing about the speed bumps before you hit them will allow you to soften the blow.


Tip 2: Eat Fruits/Vegetables before your social events

It’s always a struggle to eat well when you’re not in control of what’s in front of you.

Its not necessary to abstain from delicious foods. But it is necessary to eat nutritious foods FIRST and to LIMIT YOUR PORTION SIZE when eating foods of the tastier variety.

A quick hack for that is to eat 150-200grams of fruit or vegetables (the equivalent of 1 small apple + a banana) before heading out to social events. This will curb your hunger and get you some vital nutrients that your body craves so that you’re not hard pressed to figure out how to make pigs in a blanket fit into your nutrition plan…


Tip 3: Communicate your plan to a friend or loved one

You’ve looked at your calendar. You know what events are coming up.

You’ve got your fruits and veg in the fridge – you know you’re going to eat some before you head out.

Now you need some accountability to make sure your choices at the event are consistent with your desire – to eat healthily and not overindulge.

The best way to follow through on that is to communicate your plan to a friend / loved one who will be attending the event with you.

Let them know that you’ve planned ahead for the event so that you can stay on track.

Tell them that you’ve tried to curb your appetite with some nutritious fruits and veggies before hand so that you don’t overindulge.

And let them know that you want to participate in the foodfare at the event without taking steps back.


Amanda and I do this all the time. As partners and accountabilibuddies, we check in with each other about what we have in store each week, what our plans are for the event, and we check in with each other after each event to review how well we stuck with the plan.


You don’t need to be a saint. But if you can make good choices for 40 out of 52 weekends you are going to win in the long run.