Starting any new exercise practice can be daunting – entering a CrossFit gym in particular can be even more nerve-wracking.


The allure of CrossFit is strong – as a program it QUICKLY produces vital, healthy, fit, strong, mobile adults in disproportionately high quantities when compared to other fitness programs.


The fact remains – there’s a lot of mystery and unknown around what the process of getting started LOOKS and FEELS like.


So today I’d like to clear that up for you.


Once you make the decision to inquire at a CrossFit Gym like Lift Off Strength – CrossFit Encino you’ll be encouraged to begin with a 30-Day Trial – also known as our 30-Day-Detox program.


What is the 30-Day-Detox program you might ask?


The 30-Day-Detox is our flagship trial program designed to introduce you to the gym, staff, training program, and training environment. Think of it as a reset – if you’ve been sedentary or have had habits that you want/need to change – you know that you need structure, accountability, and expertise.

During the 30-Day-Detox you will

  1. Be paired with a professional coach – You and your coach will communicate daily using our app to keep track of things like sleep, recovery, steps, water, and food intake
  2. Complete twelve 1-hour long small group workouts – 3 workouts each week over the 4 week program. These workouts are designed to help you identify your limits without pushing past them to the point of injury. They are the down payment on your long term exercise success.
  3. 30-Day Custom Nutrition Program – you will be prescribed a customized nutrition program that will be available to you through our app
  4. Nutrition Workshop – you will gain access to our monthly Nutrition Workshop to learn the foundations of nutrition and have an opportunity to have your specific questions answered by our nutrition experts.
  5. Before and After Body Composition Testing – so we know where you’re starting from and how much progress you’ve made when the detox is complete.
  6. Weekly Weigh Ins – to provide accountability for your nutrition and exercise objectives. These weigh ins allow us to gather trackable data and make adjustments within the 30 day program rather than waiting and hoping for an ideal outcome at the end of the program.


Now, we know that you don’t know us from Jack just yet. And we want to get to know YOU as well.

To get that process started we will ACTUALLY begin with a FREE phone consultation so that we can spend some time feeling each other out first.

During your phone consultation we will

  1. Identify your reason for inquiring – are you someone who needs to lose weight? Have you been active all your life but recently been injured? Have you struggled with accountability or structure?
  2. Discuss your exercise background – we want to know what your experience level is so that we can make sure to expose you to the right support system and learning modes early on.
  3. Discuss your injury background – we want to determine if this training program would be a responsible addition to your life. If you’ve been injured we want to note those areas and make sure to account for them in a safe and respectful way.
  4. Explain the No-Sweat Introduction – After your phone screen you’ll be invited to schedule a FREE No-Sweat-Introduction – an in person tour of the gym that is the launching point for your 30-Day Detox (Trial Month) at CrossFit Encino.
  5. Explain the 30-Day-Detox Program – The 30-Day-Detox is our flagship trial offer – it’s a highly structured 30 day combined exercise and nutrition program that helps you RESET and identify if CrossFit Encino is the right home for you.


During your Phone Consultation you’ll be invited to come in for a No-Obligation – “No-Sweat-Introduction”. For most people this will be their first time stepping foot into our facility. We know that’s an important part of the decision making process and want to make it easy and comfortable for you to come check out the space.


At your No-Sweat-Introduction we will:

  1. Give you a tour of the gym – We know you’ll be stepping outside your comfort zone. We will show you around the gym and introduce you to our friendly staff so that you can pick up on the vibes before committing to training here.
  2. Body Composition Testing – We will do your first of many body composition assessments to identify your health baseline. This information helps us track your progress, identify your starting point, and make respectful and appropriate nutrition recommendations fit for you and your level of expertise.
  3. 30-Day-Detox Orientation – We will introduce you to the schedule of classes and help you schedule out all of the components of your 30-Day-Detox program. The workouts, the weigh ins, the body composition testing, and the nutrition system.


If you’re like most newcomers to the fitness world you’re probably quite turned off to the lack of support or structure that you get when you join a conventional gym. It’s like getting thrown to the wolves. You wonder how to use the equipment, or who to ask questions of, or HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE TO GET RESULTS.


Everything about the start up process at CrossFit Encino is designed to provide you clarity and direction. We want you to feel safe within the structure KNOWING that you will have



A Clear Plan

A Comfortable Workout Environment


Caring and Supportive Professional Coaches

These are the things that lay the foundation for a lifetime of success in health and fitness. And that’s what we are here to provide.


If this sounds like the kind of structure and support that could change your life, we invite you to participate in our 30-Day-Detox program.


You can Click here to get in touch with us about the program.


We look forward to guiding you.