Getting healthier is a multi – step process.

We all know this and yet for some reason when we decide to improve upon our nutrition we just HAVE TO jump all the way in.

To society’s dismay that approach very rarely works.

A far better approach would be to choose 1 SIGNIFICANT thing and change it.

For example:

Eating more fruits and vegetables

The benefits of eating more fruits and veggies are enormous:

In addition to improving our health, eating more fruit and veg can also have a tremendous weight loss/body composition effect.

Among other reasons, we store excess body fat because we eat too many calories throughout the day.

So a great way to reduce the # of calories we eat is to replace more calorie rich foods (processed foods) that provide 0 nutrition with lower calorie fruits and vegetables.

The question is how? And how much?

The approach I recommend was created by a nutritionist name EC Synkowski – called the 800 gram challenge.

You can read all about it here:

In  simple steps you:

Step 1: Buy a gram scale (or finally use it if you’ve got one) and a bunch of Ziploc bags.

Step 2: Go to the market and buy a bunch of simple and easy to consume fruits and veggies such as:


Green Apples, Banana, Cherries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries


Baby carrots, Sugar snap peas, Radishes, Celery, Persian Cucumbers


Step 3: separate your fruits and veggies into 28 separate ziploc bags EACH containing 200 grams of fruit and or veg. Combine based upon preference.


Step 4: Eat 1 bag of fruit or veg with EACH meal.

Eat the fruits and veg FIRST – before eating the rest of your meal.

Eat 1 bag as a snack. Do not eat ANY other snacks.


This approach ensures that you get vital fruits and veggies with each meal. It ensures that you ACTUALLY eat your fruits and veggies – instead of eating the alfredo pasta with chicken and leaving the asparagus untouched, you have to eat your fruit/veg first before touching your main meal. Finally it will crowd out other foods – because you will get fuller faster.

Now if all that wasn’t good enough, it will also improve your digestion and nutrient absorption – so that you digest your other foods easier, poop better, and make more efficient use of the calories you consume.


So, if you’re looking for an actionable place to start when it comes to improving your health, give the 800 gram challenge a try. Add it in as a daily habit (consumption) and weekly habit (preparation) and be amazed with the results.


You can also check out EC’s website directly for her original prescription of the plan here: