How did you become a coach at Lift Off Strength?

I began as a member and was recruited to go through first generation internship program.

What is your role at Lift Off Strength?

I am a coach. I typically coach one evening and Saturday mornings and sub in as needed. I have done private training though that isn’t a main focus for me.

How did you get into Fitness?

I have always been active and grew up playing sports and skateboarding and such. I suffered an injury in martial arts in my early twenties resulting in two herniated discs in my low back. I got into fitness after experiencing a severe relapse in my late twenties and wanting to improve my overall condition.

What kind of Fitness goals do you have?

I want to be fitter, faster, and stronger. I don’t have specific goals other than to be generally fit and keep my back pain at bay.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve accomplished?

At the risk of repeating myself, overcoming debilitating back pain.

If you could workout with ANYONE…who would it be and why?

First person that comes to mind is Georges St. Pierre since I’ve been a long time fan of his and he is always pushing himself to improve in new areas.

If you could have dinner with 3 people, any lifetime, who and why?

Questions like this get a different answer depending on the day you ask haha!

Jesus ~ man, myth or legend?

James Brown ~ had tickets to see him but he passed away a couple months before. He was such a brilliant musician and entertainer and I think he’d be a hoot to talk to.

Teenage me ~ that would be a trip. Hopefully I’d have more wisdom to impart on him than visa versa haha!

What is your favorite quote and/or motto…one that you live by?

Perception colors reality.

How has Lift Off Strength changed your life?

I’ve lost thirty pounds. My herniated discs are virtually asymptomatic. I’m fitter, faster, and stronger. I’m much more knowledgeable about fitness. Also the community at LOS is just incredible. We have amazing people whom I consider friends from such varied walks of life. We support each other in and out of the gym.