If we are trying to lose fat, the simple truth is we need to consume fewer calories than we burn. 

Diets don’t teach you how to do that in a comfortable or sustainable way. If we want to lose fat but continue to have a lifestyle that we enjoy, we need to find another way.

It begins with understanding your food

Enter the Nutrient – Calorie Gradient Tool

All foods can be broken down into 4 categories.

1)      Nutrient High, Calorie Low Foods (N+/C-)

These are things like Veggies, Lean Proteins, and Fruits.

2)      Nutrient High, Calorie High Foods (N+/C+)

 These are things like Coconut products, Avocado, Nuts, and cooking oils.

3)      Nutrient Low, Calorie Low Foods (N-/C-)

These are foods like Rice, Beans, Bread, Pasta.

4)      Nutrient Low, Calorie High Foods (N-/C+)

 Things like a slice of pizza. A beer. A cookie or slice of pie.

Take a second and read those again.


We want mostly Nutrient High, Calorie Low Foods (N+/C-).

Supplement that with moderate amounts of Nutrient High, Calorie High Foods (N+/C+).

(The more nutrients we get, the better our metabolism works, the better our body looks)

(Nutrient high foods also fill us up – making it harder to reach for that donut or cookie that has our name on it)

Once our plate’s mostly full with N+/C- and N+/C+ foods, we can add a bit of Nutrient Low, Calorie Low Foods (N-,C-).  These help keep the meal palatable and satisfying.

Every once in a while we swap both our N+/C+ AND N-/C- foods for a Nutrient low, Calorie High Food (N-/C+).  Notice the quantities listed with those foods – words like A, One, Two. None of this works if we binge repeatedly.

N-/C+ foods are our favorite tasting foods but the least optimal for fat loss. When we want to add those into our diet, we need to carefully calculate, how, when, and with what frequency.

The Nutrient-Calorie Gradient tool will show you how. It will break down common foods and share with you whether they are N+/C+ or N-/C+. Once you know, you can piece your meals together with more control.

The Wrap:

Yes. You can still drink beer. You can still eat pizza and cookies.

Don’t get me wrong – you need to eat a whole lot of vegetables, lean protein, and fruits too.

Shedding body fat doesn’t need to feel like an exorcism of the things that make life enjoyable.

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