Should I do more cardio?

Or should I lift more weights?


A better question might be – “What is my goal”?


If your goal is fat loss (or a better physique), strength training is king.


Strength training helps you preserve your lean muscle mass so that by the time you hit your goal weight you are not just a skinny fat version of yourself.


Imagine taking a before picture… Instead of stripping away fat to leave behind firm, lean muscle that all you did was resized the picture so that you looked mostly the same, just a bit smaller and lighter than your old self…


You’d probably be a bit unhappy with that end result.


The focus should be on:

  1. Improving our diet so that our metabolism returns to normalcy. This will improve our digestion, health, and aid in the preservation of muscle mass
  2. Strength Train 2-4x for 1 hour each week


Cardio training is a great way to increase your energy output. It certainly has it’s place in a training program as an add on.


When it comes to fat loss, you simply cannot out train a bad diet. Therefore the goal should not be to create colossal energy deficits via endless hours of cardio. Instead we need to train to preserve our muscle mass, increase muscle tone, and improve strength so that over time we can increase the intensity of our workouts safely.