Pain and injury are just par for the course of life.


If you’re sedentary and overweight you accumulate injuries that come from poor posture, excess load on weak joints, arthritis and injuries that come from lack of movement.


If you train you’re going to suffer the pain of muscular fatigue, soreness, and the niggles and aches that are a product of pushing your bodies limits.


There is no course through life that does not involve pain and injury – it’s best to wrap your head around that now and make a choice.


That choice is whether to be active and in pain, or be sedentary (unhealthy) and in pain.


This may be a bit of an exaggeration – not many people are in pain ALL the time.


But very few people GET OUT of pain (or heal an injury) by continuing to do what they did prior to that injury –

If you’re inactive – staying inactive is not the solution. Usually you’ll be prescribed physical therapy, or maybe to lose weight (if you’re extremely overweight).


If you’re active – continuing to do the training exercises that you were previously doing is not the right course. But neither is completely shutting down.


If you’ve spent days, weeks, months, or even years training, completely shutting down can cause regression and reversion of the progress we have made.


You all know the friend who gets the back injury and is told to “rest” indefinitely. All of a sudden that back injury becomes the “reason” to not go to the gym, not to walk, and the  next thing you know you haven’t done any exercise in years and have got a belly going on.


When it comes to training through injuries two principles hold true:

  1. Seek out an authority on movement and communicate your injury and its cause clearly. It’s paramount that you understand what triggered your pain, what things to avoid, and have the professional guidance to help you rehabilitate.
  2. Modify, modify, modify. Change up your exercise routine so it doesn’t involve trigger movements. Find alternative positions, methods, and tools that still allow you to challenge yourself in a way that keeps you healthy, progressing, and safe.


Adults, Children, Athletes, or Amateurs alike, there is a common thread between highly fit, healthy people.

They don’t give up when the unexpected occurs.

Training related injury is never expected.

But it is always navigable.

Here at LOS we specialize in helping adults return to exercise.

Whether you’ve been out of the game because of a past injury, or maybe you were in a terrible car accident – we can help you get stronger, reduce pain, and improve your health.

It starts with learning what your triggers are and then creating a map of movements that you can do safely.

If you’ve been dreaming of returning to exercise but just don’t know a safe way to do it, reply to this email or check out our 30 Day Trial.

We can’t wait to help you out.