What’s CrossFit?


CrossFit combines the best parts of weightlifting, sprinting, calisthenics, and kettlebells.  Plus, we do a little bit of basic gymnastics.  By sticking to the most effective exercises from each, we can do these really efficient workouts in about 30 minutes.  They’re hard, but they have to be.  It takes a couple of years to be really great at CrossFit, but you can be good in a few months.

What’s the WOD?

Workout Of the Day. Most of our members do CrossFit, and that’s part of the language.

What happens at a CrossFit group?

We start with a small warmup challenge.  For instance, a few rowing intervals, or some mobility drills.  Easy stuff.  Then we move into skill development: one day, we’ll spend perfecting your squat; another, we’ll work on your split jerk; another, we’ll teach you to do a handstand (yes, you can.) The ‘meat and potatoes’ of the group, though, is the main WOD, or challenge.  You’ll start as a group; the resulting atmosphere is enthusiastic co-support.

What machines do you have at your gym?

We don’t use machines – we make them!  (Little joke, there.) But seriously, you can’t improve human movement – and fitness – without using its full range of capability. We do use a few stack machines, treadmills, and rowers; but that’s it.

 I do P90X / Insanity / Group Training at GloboGym. Isn’t that the same thing?

A lot of people use P90X to get ready for CrossFit. But the differences are huge: we don’t split the body up into its component parts, because the whole is far more than their sum. We use technical lifts, which require good coaching but also remove the ceiling effect that boredom creates through repeating the same program forever. We measure our progress objectively – am I faster today? Leaner? Stronger? better? – instead of just going until we feel like we’ve put in enough time.

The training sessions look too hard, is CrossFit just for elite athletes?

One of the great things about CrossFit is that the training can be “scaled” to suit everyone, regardless of their skill or fitness level. Scaling means that the same workout can be adjusted for different individuals by keeping the same format but substituting different exercises, changing the intensity, reducing or increasing the volume (number of reps or rounds), or changing the amount of rest.

Can I do CrossFit if I don’t know how to do Olympic weightlifting? Lifts like the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch look dangerous?

CrossFit is for everyone, not just elite athletes that already know how to do Olympic lifting. We say that a lot because it is an important message. Olympic lifts are an important part of CrossFit because they are highly functional complex movements that produce a fantastic training effect. The lifts are safe providing that they are taught and learnt in a progressive and scaled manner, so that the technique is drilled and understood prior to adding any weight. For beginners we use broomsticks as a substitute for the bar, and only once correct form is consistently demonstrated do we start scaling the weight. This is an effective and safe way to learn O’lifting. If you have never done weightlifting before that is OK. We simply scale the CrossFit workout for you and substitute alternative exercises using broomsticks and dumbells.


How does billing work?


Billing is done through a secure automated Point of Sale System called Zenplanner. All billing is  scheduled to take place on the 1st of the month. You may experience a “Pro-Rated” 2nd or 3rd month charge if you signed up and began with us in the middle of a calendar month.


Who can answer my questions about schedule, billing, or other issues??


All of our coaching staff can answer basic questions about schedule, billing, classes, injuries, or other issues.


If they cannot answer your questions they will make a note on our daily checklist and bring it to the attention of the general manager – Scott Avila.


If you have questions that are urgent or time sensitive such as a billing cancellation, billing adjustment, scheduling concern, or otherwise, you can reach Scott Avila directly by phone at:


(818) 423-6539


Or email:



If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints you can reach the owner – Eric Amzalag directly by email at:



How can I see the workouts for the day/week/month?


You can view the workout of the day on our website at:




Can I bring my friend to try a class?


We would love to meet your friend! Unfortunately we do not offer trial classes – the training program requires our coaches to be able to have the utmost focus on our paying customers and do not offer brand newcomers the best experience as the coach on the floor is torn about where to put 100% of their focus. Please use our “Refer a friend” form on our website and we will get in touch with them to schedule a time for them to come in, see a class, and meet with one of our team members.




Can I “Hold” my membership while I am out of town?


Unfortunately we do not offer membership holds. None of our members are on a contract that commits them to anything longer than month to month – that being the case we can drop/cancel your membership as long as we have 5 days notice before the automated billing cycle commences.

How can I Cancel my membership?


There’s a form on our website under the tab “Member Portal”. Click the button that says “member cancellation” and we will take care of it for you.




Cancels must be completed a minimum of 5 days before automated billing takes place in order for us to process them.

What other services do you offer?


We offer a wide range of coaching services that do not end with group training. Our services include:


30 Minute Private Training Sessions – $45.00


60 Minute Private Training Sessions – $85.00


90 Minute Nutrition Power Session – $125.00


Nutrition Check in Sessions – $45.00


4-Week Online Nutrition Program – $79.00


Grocery Store Tour – $125.00


Cooking + Tupperware Demonstration  – $125.00


Custom Training Plans – Priced + Built to specification. These training plans are for athletes of other sports, post-rehabilitation, rehabilitation, or event specific training such as Marathons, Spartan Races, Ironman events, Triathlons.


We do offer Remote Training options where we build training routines and do online check ins for those that cannot access our facility frequently or conveniently.


We also offer group rates for groups of 5 or more for all services provided.


How can I upgrade my membership?


If you’d like to explore other membership/coaching options, please let one of the coaches know any time you are in the gym and we will reach out to you to schedule a “Goal Review” meeting during which we can lay out a plan and several budget options to get you there.


How can I downgrade my membership?


Unfortunately we do not downgrade memberships mid month. However, if you’d like to downgrade your membership for the coming billing cycle please email us at INFO@CROSSFITENCINO.COM and we will reach out to discuss options. Please make sure to complete this a minimum of 5 days before the next automated billing cycle to ensure it is processed on time.


I have this ache/pain… What should I do for it?


You are AWESOME for coming to us and telling us. Since we are in the middle of a class I’ll try to help you modify around it for now. But! We can do you even better – if you’ll go to our website under the “Member Portal” tab – we have a handy “Injury Alert” form where you can share more detail so that when we do our regularly scheduled team meeting we can come up with some plans for the whole training staff to modify things for you!




What are your prices?


You can find our prices on our website. Under the “About Us” Tab there is a button that says “Programs and Pricing”.  We offer many services here at Lift Off Strength ranging from Private and Semi Private training to Group classes, Nutrition, and Individual Workout Programming. Our pricing for our most popular Group Training Program ranges from $195-$249 a month depending on how many sessions per week you’d like to attend as well as the length of your contract.




Do you offer Free Trials?


We would love to show you what we do here at Lift Off Strength! Unfortunately we do not offer trial classes – the training program requires our coaches to be able to have the utmost focus on our paying customers and do not offer brand newcomers the best experience as the coach on the floor is torn about where to put 100% of their focus. While we don’t do trial classes we’d be more than happy to set you up with a free consultation so that you can come in, see a class, meet with one of our team members to see if this would be a good fit for you!


I have an Individual Program and need my new one?


Awesome! We created this handy form available on our website so that you can let us know when you’re finishing up your current program! You can find the form on our “Member Portal” Tab of our website under “Individual Program Form”. Simply fill it out during the 3rd week of your program to schedule your new program build and “Demonstration” session. Once you fill out the form the first time you’ll automatically get an email the third week of each month to remind you to fill out the form for your new program.


We will not be building programs unless we receive the fully filled out form – this process ensures that we never forget to build your program and can include vital feedback from you guys about your next workout cycle! Thanks for helping us make this a smoother process!




What are those people doing over there (referring to Custom Training Plan clients)?


They are doing “Custom Training Plans”. They go through an assessment process and are prescribed the most effective blend of services to achieve their goal. It is a collaborative process in which they are paired with one of our expert coaches who can tailor their plan for more specific goals such as sports performance or training for an upcoming event like a triathlon, spartan race, or CrossFit competition. Individual programs are great if you have a more targeted goal such as gaining X pounds of muscle or running a sub 6-minute mile. If you’d like more information about it we can plan a time to sit and talk about one as an option to help you meet your next goal.


Do you offer nutrition services?


We offer several habit based nutrition services as well as a Meal Delivery service for which we are a pick up location.


You can find our Nutrition services listed above in the “What services do you offer section”.


If you are interested in more information about these services, please mention it to any of the coaches and we will reach out to you with more information.


For more information about the Meal Delivery service you can read here:




How can I sign up for a DeXA scan?


DeXA scans are body composition scans that share a ton of reliable data with the training team. We use them to benchmark all of our clients progress on 3-6 month recurring basis depending on their goals.


Scans are $45 – we buy them in bulk via the gym and get you guys all a $5 discount as well as bringing the truck to the gym so that you don’t need to drive all the way to the West Side where their office is located.


The trucks come out once a month – we will make announcements in class as well as post a sign up sheet on the cork board in the bathroom hallway where you can sign up and reserve a scan time.


Once you sign up for a scan please make sure you can be there! We do allow 24 hour notice of cancellation but this is a very important part of the system here at our gym and we would really appreciate it if you only cancelled for an unforeseen emergency.


How can I get Lift Off Strength Swag?


We sell apparel by preorder only! We do apparel orders every two months or so and will send out announcements via email and our Facebook group. When we have a design picked out we will post mock ups of them and a sign up sheet on the corkboard in the bathroom hallway so that you can purchase your LOS swag!


Once you sign up on the sign up sheet the order is final. Vendors require we place a minimum order for custom apparel and we do not stock apparel here at this time – so if you want apparel be sure to put your name on the list!

Is the gym open on weekends when you do hikes/events?


The gym is open for OPEN GYM on all weekends where we have events OTHER than our in house competitions that happen 3x per year.


For most hikes, trail runs, and other Saturday/Sunday morning events we will still have our usual 8am and 9am classes occurring unless we are short staffed that weekend. If we do find that we are short staffed we will always send out an email in advance as well as posting in the Facebook group.