Before you commit to a new gym you’re probably asking yourself – “What does a training session actually look like?”.


You want to know things like –

Will the workouts suit the physical goals you have?

Will the workouts be too challenging?

Will the workouts be challenging enough?

How much time do the workouts take?

What size are the classes?

What kind of experience do I need beforehand?


The typical group training session at Lift Off Strength – CrossFit Encino is 1 hour long.


The group is limited to 10 or fewer participants (yes – we require reservations in advance) in order to ensure the quality of the experience and that no one is over looked.


To keep the class format simple and effective we break it into three distinct parts.


Part 1 – Warm Up

At Lift Off Strength – CrossFit Encino our warm ups are priority number 1.

Our typical warm up will take 12-15 minutes and consist of the following:

  1. Breathing exercises to wake up the diaphragm and activate deep core musculature. This stabilizes the spine to reduce injury risk.
  2. Hip and spine mobilizations – think yoga style exercises such as cat cow, cobra, downward dog, warrior 1, and warrior 2. These help move our major joints in ways that counter the detrimental effects of sitting all day.
  3. Blood flow – using short low intensity calisthenic circuits including exercises like miniband sides steps, body weight squats, TRX rows, and crawling we will raise your core temperature to increase flexibility and range of motion.
  4. Specific warm up – you’ll perform simple light weight variations of the movements that will follow during the weightlifting portion of the workout. By preparing in this way your brain will be more alert and prepared for the commands it must send your muscles once you increase the difficulty (weight or complexity) of the movements later on in the session.

We typically break for water and to grab Program Pages (Workout trackers) before progressing to part 2.


Ex Warm up:

2 X through

Cat Cow X 15

Turkish Sit Ups X 8

Quadruped Leg Circles X 15 Each Side

2 X through

Glute Bridge- Red Band Pull Apart X 20

Farmer Carry X 4 Turf Lengths – Heavy

Empty Barbell DeadLift /Light loaded  Warm Up Deadlifts X 15



Part 2 – Strength Training

Strength training poduces an “Anti-Fragility” effect that makes your body more resilient and more capable so that you can increase the difficulty and intensity of future workouts WITHOUT increasing the risk.

A typical strength training session takes up the bulk of our hour-long class – between 30-40 minutes.

You’ll be taught and instructed the movements for the day and then directed where and how to set up your equipment.

The class moves slowly during this portion of the hour – our coaches want to keep a close eye on everyone and be able to assist, adjust, and instruct throughout.

You’ll perform 3-4 movements that are “Compound movements” – meaning they target more than 1 joint. Think things like – Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Rows, Overhead Press, among many others.

You’ll be encouraged to use a workout log to track your movements and adjustments so that week by week you can return to exercises with notes that help you save time and properly challenge yourself (eliminating guess work).

We will once again break for water or the restroom before proceeding to the final part of the training session.

Ex Strength Session:

1A) BB Deadlift 4 X 8-10 -Building- 2-3 second eccentric lowering-

1B) Hanging Hollow Hold/Tuck Hold 4 X 30-45 Sec.

1C) ½ Kneeling OR Split Stance DB Chop/Lift  4 X 8 each side – Show control

Part 3 – Conditioning

This is your opportunity to get your heart rate up and challenge your breathing.

We focus on simple, low complexity movements so that as you fatigue and your heart rate rises you don’t have to worry about remembering complicated form or technical skills.

These workouts will make use of things like medicine balls, battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight movements, and machines like rowers, flywheel bikes, or jump ropes.

As your strength increases due to your consistent Strength Training, you’ll find your ability to challenge yourself in our short High Intensity style conditioning segments improves dramatically.


Ex Conditioning Workout:

12 minute EMOM

20- 25 Air Squats

10-15 Pull Ups

40 Battle Rope Doubles


When you begin with us you go through a thorough screening process that helps us determine your skill and experience level. With this information we can communicate among the training team to ensure that we are prepared for your unique needs each and every time you train with us.


Our primary goal is to challenge you while keeping you injury free.


Remember – fitness is about the long game – to that end we want to make sure you can function well for months and years – the last thing we want is for you to pummel your body into a quick injury in the chase for quick results.