Sometimes less is more.

That’s certainly the case with fitness – something you’ll not hear from Reebok, Under Armour, Orange Theory fitness as they scramble to send out marketing that causes us to buy more, do more, stay the same physically…

Yes. Most of the time the chase for more leaves us staying static.

Or worse – moving backwards.

Your health/fitness are a resource. Imagine a bucket full of water. That water is your health/fitness.

Every time you do a workout, or stay out late, miss a few hours of sleep, eat poorly, climb a mountain you draw from that resource.

Eventually that bucket empties out unless you invest in some recovery practices – breathing, meditation, mindfulness, proper nutrition, yoga, good sex, proper sleep, rest days, vacations.

Ever heard of the Sabbath? A Sabbatical? The Sabbatical year?

For the Jews the Sabbath is a full 25 hour period every week where we are commanded to rest.

Every seventh year we are commanded to respect a “Sabbatical Year” where we do not plant a certain part of the fields to let that land rest and recuperate.

Many individuals frequently exercise a “Sabbatical” to travel, push pause on the stress and demands of their jobs.

These are all examples of a recovery practice that can be planned for inside the gym – a concept called PERIODIZATION – which is the science of planning workout programs over weeks and months to ensure periods of recovery, rest, and DELOAD so as to avoid over training AND facilitate continuous results.

We do that to great effect at Lift Off Strength.

But the best is when I hear one of our athletes have that ah-ha moment – if I rest more, treat my body a bit differently, maybe I’ll see some of those elusive results I’ve been missing.

So how much is “too much”? Well, I don’t know. But chances are if you’re active but not seeing the results you’d like, it’s time to explore a new approach.