Let me start with a question….


What’s the worst part about going to a regular gym?


Is it figuring out what to do every day…


Or the judgmental looks.


Maybe it’s the terrible staff.


Whichever of those reasons ticks you off the most, it’s obvious that those challenges do NOTHING to make it easier for you to get to the gym every day and exercise.


A well-structured CrossFit program solves all those issues.


Your workouts are prepared months in advanced and published online for you to view.


Each group workout has a PROFESSIONAL coach who guides you through the session – teaching you movements if you’re new, or helping challenge you if you’re experienced.


There’s no judgment here because everyone started at the same place. The community is small, and every member has been through the same start up experience – learning a new environment, going through a 30 day detox, getting accustomed to the flow of the workout and the feeling afterwards.


Not only is there not judgment but there’s an actual SUPPORT system – our staff check in with EVERY member each week to help them manage their schedule, attend their workouts, and stay ahead of injuries.


We host educational events including FREE monthly nutrition seminars or Bring-A-Friend Day.


We do complementary quarterly body composition testing and check ins with each and every client – so that no one is lost in the shuffle and EVERY member gets the benefit of our professional coaching experience and advice.


The best part? The groups are small – 10 participants or fewer – so beginners get the coaching attention they need to succeed early on.


As you progress, our CrossFit program has intermediate and advanced options that allow you to continue increasing your level of fitness and knowledge at the pace that’s suitable for you.


If you’re contemplating making a change to your health/fitness routine, we’d love to invite you to try out our 30-Day-Detox program – it’s a trial month designed to transform your body AND your understanding of fitness.


You can read more about the 30-Day-Detox by clicking here.


And if you’re worried about getting injured – you can read our recommendations on injury and exercise by clicking here.