62% of American adults are obese or overweight.

Up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time

Surveys have shown that up to 54% of Americans are on a diet simultaneously

The average adult will try to implement a fad diet 4 times a year

Worst of all,

65% of people who successfully complete a fad diet will end up gaining all of their weight back that they lost.


More than 95% of people relapse from a diet in 5 years or less

The weight loss industry is a MASSIVE money sucking blob of misinformation, sinister intention, and money/soul sucking corporations.

I could write a manifesto illuminating the dishonesty of health lobbies, the malicious and manipulative food corporations, the evil pharmaceutical and supplement companies.

Maybe some day I will.

But despite the gloomy picture painted above, the reason weight loss FAILS TO STICK SO FREQUENTLY is actually quite simple.

The reason:

The plan that will get you to your goal is NEVER the same plan that will keep you there once you’ve achieved it.

Let me illustrate.

Remember the last time you got a new job?

Your first month is filled with training videos, meetings with your supervisors and direct reports, in person training from the last person who held your position, or in person training from the person who will soon be vacating your position.

Then you have 2 months where your supervised extremely closely – because they don’t want you making mistakes that cost the company (or you) time and money.

Finally after 3-6 months you settle in to your job – you’re not supervised quite as closely, you have more autonomy, things fall into a routine.

And if you took  a step back you’d notice: they had 2 plans for you.

The training plan


the long term day to day plan

Makes sense right?

At the beginning you need all that training in order to do your job well.

But by month six there is a completely different expectation of how you should be using your time.

Weight loss and fitness are the same.

You want to lose 20lbs of fat?

Ok. What’s your “Training” plan?

Which plan is going to teach you how to keep body fat off your body and out of your life?

Keto? Intermittent Fasting? Atkins? Paleo? The Banana diet (yes that’s a real thing)?

And what’s your plan after that?


And it’s not your fault – because what we hear out in the real world (away from my emails in your inbox) is that if you just eat less, eat keto, intermittent fast, you’ll lose weight FOREVER! YAY!

And then it doesn’t work.

 And you feel let down.

Or maybe even stupid.

Or worse – maybe you start to worry that something is wrong with you

(because it’s working for everyone else but not me)

(except that it’s not because they are all gaining the weight back that they lost – 80% of successful dieters will gain more weight then they lost within 5 years of successfully dieting – they just don’t go bragging about it like they do their success on the potato diet).

And so here’s the thing –

You don’t need a nutritionist or a dietitian.

But there’s a reason you feel hopeless about that stubborn fat you want to lose

It’s because no one has told you about the plan that comes AFTER the plan

So here are two examples of what Plan A and Plan B might look like:

Aggressive Weight Loss for 175lb Female:

Plan A:

Eat less than 1800 calories/day.

Track your calories using an App like My Fitness Pal

Limit Carbohydrates to less than 100g per day

Set a protein target of 140-160 grams per day

Remove Alcohol, processed carbs, sugars, fried foods, condiments, and caloric beverages ENTIRELY

Strength train 2-3x / wk

Walk/Jog 3 miles 2x/wk

Do this until weight loss target is met.

Plan B: 

Increase Calorie total to 2000-2200/day (depending on activity level and body composition)

Stop increasing when weight gain occurs and dial back the calorie total until weight is maintained but weight loss/gain are no longer occurring

Track calories until daily calorie target is identified.

Increase carbohydrates to 125-150g / day based on quality of life

Decrease protein target to 125-140g / day based on quality of life

Track treats and learn calorie borrowing – so you can add things like beer, pizza, refined sugars back into your life in LIMITED quantities

Do this for the rest of your life.

Alternative Plans

Plan A:

Do the WHOLE 30 Diet until weight loss target met

Plan B:

Work with a nutritionist to understand what the heck mad the Whole 30 work and then learn how foods effect your body so that you can make informed and empowered choices that allow you to be in control of your body fat.

As you can see, neither simulation is simple.

They require expertise

They require guidance

They require time and patience

But at least now you know why things haven’t worked out.

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If you want to read more depressing statistics about the state of our weight loss industry check out the links below

Thanks for reading this beast of a post.