You can’t manage your finances if you’re not keeping track of what’s going in and out of your bank…

Good luck trying that…

It doesn’t take long before you have late payments and an over-drafted account.

And if you let that continue for months? Or even years?

You end up in colossal debt.

So you keep track of things  – check your credit card statements, bank statements. Make a budget. Decide to spend less some months, save more some months….

A pretty good approach if you ask me.

Well health is just the same.

Except when it comes to health you don’t have the option of “Filing for bankruptcy”

See for some reason you can have your financial debt forgiven

But when it comes to our bodies – you can’t just give up one day and start back from ground zero

No more body fat

No more high cholesterol

No more high blood pressure

It doesn’t work that way.

That’s why we have all our members track things


water consumption

average daily step count

food consumption


body composition

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

If you don’t track these things, you simply don’t know whats holding you back, or where to begin

What’s the point of putting in a herculean effort exercising or changing nutrition if you don’t absolutely KNOW that it’s going to work?

And that’s just what happens to new gym goers every day

They have poor sleep but add in 3-5 hours a week of exercise and wonder why their weight goes up

So don’t play that game

Guessing your way into great shape doesn’t happen often.

So if you’re not tracking, then keep reading my weekly emails.

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